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The organization is headed in ten years. These are necessary steps especially for any non-profit organization to remain successful. PSUC, an active arm of the profit segment, has been educating, sharing knowledge of industry related best practices and Information, and providing the construction industry with various services for the past 17 plus years in Kingdom of Cambodia. PSUC, considered a preeminent organization in the construction industry, essentially has no peers that offer the same value to its predominant owner members and supporting associate members.

I would like to report on some recent board activities over the past several months that relate to the above. During our March 2015 The PSUC Board of Directors meeting, we addressed viability in today's environment.

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The board of director has been setup and new strategies for year 2016 to enhance company capabilities for addressing challenges, expectations, successes, gaps, value among our owner members and associate members. Subsequently, an owner member focus group met to further address Assessing key objectives including Western Council member "value added'; "return on involvement'; "vision" and "must haves': Owner competencies, supplier competencies and workforce development were highlighted as key target areas.

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PSUC board will take the necessary steps to continue with the development and execution of these ideas. The council is focusing efforts on owner's ability to share best practices, identifying and presenting global innovation and new technologies in the construction sector. We are offering a variety of pipelines, electrical cable, and water system underground; these have been done by PSUC on several projects. Efforts include teaming with trade organizations, expanding student outreach, enabling apprenticeships and internships. We are also planning scholarships for key personnel and the hard working.

It has been a pleasure reporting to you on recent activities by PSUC board. We look forward to reporting additional positive steps going forward. Thank you for your support and good corporate citizenship are much appreciated.